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Covid-19: Deep Clean Delivery

Cornforth Industrial Services are on hand to ensure that your buildings are cleaned, and the cleanliness is maintained to create, and sustain, a safe, clean, and hygienic, environment.

Our team are fully trained to use specialist fogging equipment. This produces a fine mist that can be sprayed into a room decontaminating the surfaces.

An entire room can be treated in an extremely short amount of time. The spray suppresses airborne viral micro-organisms. Areas can be returned to use within hours.

Priority is given to all “touch points” throughout the establishment. Any surfaces that are constantly touched by staff members are cleaned and disinfected. That includes, doors, including handles and fingerplates, computers, telephones, cupboard handles and doors, even down to the light switches. You sanitise your hands, and we lessen the risk of infection even further.

In addition, the most vulnerable areas such as kitchens and toilets are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and sanitised.

All cleaning operatives have full PPE with hooded coveralls, masks, glasses, gloves, and overshoes.

Most areas can be turned around within the day.

For further details, to book a clean, or, for copies of risk assessments and COSHH details, please contact us via

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