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Winter Services in the North East

● Winter services for car parks, road ways & more.
● Fully insured & experienced staff.

Prevention of problematic icy roadways and car parks is essential to keeping people, property and vehicles safe as well as keeping businesses open and operational over the winter months. Our expert road gritting services can help your car parks and roadways stay clear and safe.

With over 25 years experience in the road gritting sector, you can trust Cornforth Industrial Services to deliver expert road gritting services to customers across the North East. From our base in County Durham, we undertake commercial road gritting services on car parks, road, motorways, commercial property, schools, retail car parks and more.

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Why use Cornforth's commercial winter services?

● A large fleet of gritting trucks
● Fully Insured
● Trucks are fully equipped with snow blades.

● Consultation plan & workload procedures for all quotes

● No material or rock salt needs to be stored on your premises.

Commercial Winter Services.

As one of the UK’s leading gritting solution providers, we have a fleet of road gritting machines that work effectively throughout the winter months to ensure roads and private pathways are clear.

Most of our gritting trucks are equipped with snow blades to clear pathways of roads and car parks that are already covered in deep snow. Our trucks also use snow blowers to remove snow.

Our team of road gritting specialists are highly trained and experienced with the operation of large machinery and performing expert road gritting services across the North East.

Speak to our expert consultants to agree on a road gritting procedure for your commercial property to make sure you’re prepared for when the weather turns colder. We offer full insurance security on any project we undertake for added peace of mind. Get in touch for more information or to discuss your commercial road gritting needs.

Civil Engineering from Cornforth

We operate in various industry sectors and all works undertaken are carried out with the highest of safety standards using our own specialised plant and machinery. Experienced site teams deliver each service and work closely with you in regards to project management.

If you are looking for winter services - call 01325 313813.

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