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Private Construction Services in the North East

● Painting, Plumbing & More
● 24/7 Call Out

Cornforth have a range of private construction services tailored to the domestic market. Working alongside some of the leading housing associations and local authorities in the North East, we have built up a good reputation for providing a professional and cost-effective portfolio of services.

From painting and plumbing to roofing and drains, our team of fully qualified engineers and tradesman provide a range of services with flexible response times from 4 hours to 48 hours. Our tradespeople are on call 24/7 so are available when you need them most.

Our private construction services include:

​​● Painting
● Plumbing
● Joinery
● Electrical

● Roofing
● Drains
● CCTV installation

What Types of Private Construction do we Offer?

Our expert tradespeople are able to provide a comprehensive range of services and are on call 24 hours a day to address any property emergencies like a burst pipe. Get in touch with the Cornforth team to address any of your private construction needs, whether it’s a small one-off job or a larger scale project.

If you’re looking for private construction services, call us on 01325 313813.

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