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Cornforth Fabrications

Profix Fabrication Ltd has always been renowned as a well recognised and respected small metal fabrication business based in Darlington, Co Durham.

Wide and Diverse Metalwork

The firm offers a wide and diverse range of metalwork, from commercial and domestic iron gates, fire escapes, through to bespoke equipment required by the Northumbrian Water Environment Agency. Providing repairs and maintenance where no job is too big or too small. We can also install on-site, or in the home.

High Quality Production

With 25 years of experience, an excellent reputation, outstanding customer service delivery, and high-quality production have now moved to become Cornforth Fabrications.


Bespoke Fabrication

It may be a hinge, it may be a one-off design staircase with landings. From conception to creation.


Iron Gates & Railing

For the domestic garden, or the high-security perimeter fencing. All fabricated to fit requirements.


Builders Beams, RSJs

& Steel Reinforcements

We can provide heavy-duty supports which can be used during building and maintenance projects.


Bespoke sizes and shapes can be produced by our skilled team.


Balustrades, Handrails, Platforms & Gantries

Whether Architecturally decorative, DDA compliant, Non-slip, domestic, or industrial. Whether in mild steel, aluminium, cast iron or Zintec.  


Galvanised or powder coated. Plain or painted finish. We can provide the finish and durability you require.


Experience & High

Quality Workmanship

We have many years of experience in both fabrication and installation.


The skills of Profix have been transferred over to Cornforth Fabrications where we have highly skilled craftsmen. 

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